Dr. D. Janine Sherrier


  • Ph.D., Biology, Texas A&M University, 1994
  • B.S., Biology, Baylor University, 1988

Current Courses

  • Plant Developmental Biology
  • Plant Biotechnology
  • Current Topics of Plant Biology


  • Sherrier Lab
    • The Sherrier Laboratory studies beneficial plant-microbe interactions, with a particular emphasis on mutually beneficial symbioses between rhizobia soil microbes and legume plants.  During the establishment of these symbiotic relationships, new plant organs termed “root nodules” form on the host plant root where the bacteria convert atmospheric nitrogen into a biologically available form of nitrogen. Sherrier’s team is elucidating the role of plant membrane proteins in the formation of functional beneficial root nodules.  Sherrier’s team also partners with UD’s Cooperative Extension to develop new rhizobial inoculants for commercial crop production.

Professional Activities

  • American Society of Plant Biology
  • American Association for the Advancement of Science
  • International Society for Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions

Recent Publications

46. Bourassa, D.V., Kannenberg, E., Sherrier, J., Buhr, R.J., and Carlson, R. (2017) The lipopolysaccharide Lipid-A long chain fatty acid is Important for Rhizobium leguminosarum growth and stress adaptation in free-living and nodule environments. Plant Molec Microbe Interact. In press.

45. Rosier, A., Bishnoi, U., Lakshmanan, V., Sherrier, D.J., and Bais, H.P. (2016) A perspective on inter-kingdom signaling in plant-beneficial microbe interactions. Plant Molecular Biology, 90, 537-548.

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43. Bais, H. and Sherrier, J. (2015) ADVANCES IN BOTANICAL RESEARCH Plant Microbe Interactions PREFACE. In Plant Microbe Interactions (Bais, H. and Sherrier, J. Eds). London: Academic Press Ltd-Elsevier Science Ltd, pp. XI-XIII.

42. Lakshmanan, V., Shantharaj, D., Li, G., Seyfferth, A.L., Sherrier, D.J. and Bais, H.P. (2015) A natural rice rhizospheric bacterium abates arsenic accumulation in rice (Oryza sativa L.). Planta, 242, 1037-1050.

41. Warner CA, Biedrzyck ML, Jacobs SS, Wisser RJ, Caplan JL, Sherrier DJ (2014) An optical clearing technique for plant tissues allowing deep imaging and compatible with fluorescence microscopy. Plant Physiol.166: 1684-1687.

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38. Salehin M, Huang YC, Bagchi R, Sherrier DJ, Dickstein R (2013) Allelic differences in Medicago truncatula NIP/LATD mutants correlate with their encoded proteins’ transport activities in planta. Plant Signal. Behav. 8: e22813.

37. Bagchi R, Salehin M, Adeyemo OS, Salazar C, Shulaev V, Sherrier DJ, Dickstein R (2012) Functional assessment of the Medicago NIP/LATD protein demonstrates that it is a high affinity nitrate transporter. Plant Physiol. 160: 906-916.

36. Compositions and Methods for Improved Rice Growth and Restricting Arsenic Uptake. U.S. Patent 8,318,636. Issued: November 27, 2012.

35.  Brown DB, Huang YC, Kannenberg EL, Sherrier DJ, Carlson RW.  (2011) An acpXL mutant of Rhizobium leguminosarum bv. phaseoli lacks 27-hydroxyoctacosanoic acid in its lipid A and is developmentally delayed during symbiotic infection of the determinate nodulating host plant Phaseolus vulgaris. J Bacteriol. 193: 4766-78.

34. Zhai J, Jeong D-H, De Paoli E, Park S, Rosen BD, Li Y, González AJ, Yan Z, Kitto SL, Grusak MA, Jackson SA, Stacey G, Cook DR, Green PJ, Sherrier DJ, Meyers BC (2011) microRNAs as master regulators of the plant NB-LRR defense gene family via the production of phased, trans-acting siRNAs. Genes Dev. 25: 2540-2553.

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31. Compositions and Methods for Increasing Biomass, Iron Concentration, and Tolerance to Pathogen in Plants. U.S. Publication: US2011/0212835. Published: September 1, 2011.


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