Focus on Animals

If you are interested in Animals, you may want to consider one of these majors… Animal and Food Sciences Major The Animal and Food Sciences major applies the principles of biology, chemistry and biochemistry to animal agriculture and food systems and encompasses a wide range of instruction, including animal nutrition; animal health and molecular biology; food science and its interactions with animal agriculture, physiology, genetics, and reproduction; and dairy, livestock and poultry management. Ecology Major Ecology is the interdisciplinary scientific study of the interactions among organisms and their environment so you will study the planet earth and the interactions of its inhabitants (plants, animals, and the physical environment).  As such, it is concerned with the network of relationships among small –scale biological systems such as organisms, complex interacting systems such as ecosystems, and the physical and other non-biological aspects of their environment. Entomology Major Entomology is the study of the most abundant creatures on Earth—insects—and their interactions with other wildlife, humans, and the environment.  Students in this major wonder how and why insects do what they do.  They use this curiosity to try and figure out how to reduce negative effects of insects on humans without negatively affecting other life forms.  Looking at insects’ structure, function and behavior, entomology majors spend much time in lab and in the field, which are both part of this challenging, biology-based curriculum. Pre-Veterinary Medicine and Animal Biosciences Major The Pre-Veterinary and Animal Biosciences major focuses on the study of scientific principles required for undergraduate students who are interested in pursuing a career in the fields of veterinary medicine and animal biosciences. With coursework in chemistry, biology, physics, and animal sciences, the curriculum is designed to meet the admission requirements for many U.S. and international veterinary schools and to prepare students for graduate degrees in areas related to animal agriculture and biological sciences. Wildlife Conservation Major Students in this major are curious about how wild things work…and the role they play in our world.  From insects to birds, reptiles to mammals, algae to oaks, the Wildlife Conservation major examines all non-domesticated living things and the challenges they face sharing the planet with humans.   Conserving biodiversity is the underlying theme of our program, with its unique blend of lectures, labs and field trips.