Focus on Foods

If you are interested in Food, you may want to consider one of these majors… Food Science Major A walk through the grocery store is a great illustration of food science. Most of the thousands of food products we consume are the work of food scientists, who create the flavors, the colors, the textures, and the packages. Using physics, chemistry, biology, and math, food scientists design foods, engineer systems to process food, and create better ways to package, store and guarantee the safety of our food supply. Food and Agribusiness Marketing and Management Major Think of a business major with a unique—and profitable—twist.  One of the largest sectors of the business world is the agricultural industry.  From food and fiber to chemicals and equipment, agricultural products mean big money around the world.  This major incorporates traditional business courses—like accounting, marketing, economics and finance—with specialty courses in food marketing, international trade, futures markets, and management.  This blend provides a unique educational background of interest to many big-business employers.