Focus on Plants

If you are interested in Plants, you may want to consider one of these majors… Environmental Soil Science Major (pdf) What we call “dirt” is actually one of our most valuable natural resources.  Soils are rich in history, as well as in nutrients, contaminants, and natural life.  Environmental Soil Science looks at our expansive soil system and its relationship to environmental quality and plant growth.  Everything we do—fertilizing lawns, growing food, producing trash—ultimately impacts our soil and water.  Soil scientists work to ensure our natural resources can sustain our lifestyle. Landscape Horticulture and Design Major (pdf) Fusing the creative aspects of art and design with the technical and scientific aspects of horticulture are what make this major tick.  These two unique but equally rewarding fields encompass the analysis, planning, design, implementation and management of natural and built environments.  Technology plays an important role – allowing today’s professionals to use advanced tools to map out projects, perform detailed analyses, run businesses efficiently, and quickly revise and update designs and business plans. Plant Science Major (pdf) Plants are often overlooked as living things, but their science is critical to our quality of life.  As food sources, oxygen providers, landscape brighteners, wildlife habitats, medicinal cures and more, plants are invaluable.  Plant Science delves into the complexities of plant life, to investigate plant diseases, to genetically design new plants, and to understand how and why plants do what they do. Plant Protection Major (pdf) It’s not easy being green.  Insect problems, diseases, and weeds make life challenging for plants.   Plant Protection blends entomology, pathology and weed science and educates students in the field of integrated pest management.  With an emphasis on strategies that are compatible with the environment and agriculture, this major is a natural fit for the student who is looking for an applied environmental career.