Just for Transfers

You already know a credit from a curriculum, a lecture from a lab. You’ve spent some time on another campus, and now you’re looking at Delaware as your next step.  And while you might be experienced with college life, you might be unsure of exactly how the transfer process works. Questions you may have: If I am thinking about transferring, but am not sure, can I meet with someone in advance of my decision to apply?  Absolutely!  Please call us to schedule an appointment.  We can talk with you about our majors, give you some general ideas about what might transfer, and help you plan your next semester at your current institution in preparation for transferring. Please call (302) 831-2508 or email anr-academics@udel.edu to set up an appointment. Can I get a preliminary evaluation done before I apply for admission? As a courtesy, our Office of Undergraduate Student Services will do an unofficial evaluation of your credits prior to application.  This allows you to plan additional course work at your current institution and to get some sense of the number of courses you have ahead of you even prior to your transfer.  To arrange for a credit evaluation, please call (302) 831-2508 or email anr-academics@udel.edu. talk-of-townsendOffice of Undergraduate Student Services 104 Townsend Hall Newark, DE 19716 Ph (302) 831-2508 Fax (302) 831-1360 Email: anr-academics@udel.edu Call or email us anytime! 
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