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Bee Survival Survey

Fellow beekeepers,


Dennis vanEngelsdorp and the BIP Team have said that they have not yet received a good representation of responses to the bee survival surveys this year, especially from small-scale beekeepers.


Can you complete the survey yourself, if you have not done so, and circulate (or recirculate) among your fellow beekeepers and mailing lists? It is important that we are all well represented. Deadline is April 30.


Thanks so much,

Jim Bobb


Please go to the BIP online survey at

and complete the survey there.  It will be live until April 30th.  Please do not complete the survey more than once. Information about past Winter Loss and National Management Surveys and the annual reports can be found online at http://beeinformed.org/.


If you have any questions or comments, please contact us at askbeeinformed@gmail.com.  Once again thank you for your participation.


Dr. Dennis vanEngelsdorp
Project Director, Bee Informed Partnership
University of Maryland

Karen Rennich
Project Manager, Bee Informed Partnership
University of Maryland

Dennis vanEngelsdorp,  Ph.D.
Research Scientist

Department of Entomology

3136 Plant Sciences Bldg
University of Maryland
College Park, MD  20742-4454
717-884-2147 (voice)
301.314.9290 (fax)



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