Applied Economics and Statistics Faculty & Staff

Joint Appointment Faculty

  • David Legates, Professor, Department of Geography
  • George Parsons, Professor, School of Marine Science and Policy
  • Randall Wisser, Associate Professor, Department of Plant and Soil Sciences

Emeritus Faculty

  • Gerald L. Cole, Emeritus Professor
  • Steve Hastings, Emeritus Professor
  • David Mason, Emeritus Professor
  • Lidia Rejto, Professor Emerita 
  • R. Dean Shippy, Emeritus Associate Professor

Affiliated Faculty

  • Jobayer Hossain, Research Scientist, Associate Professor  –  Nemours Biomedical Research
  • Bruce Stanley, DuPont Agricultural Biotechnology


Olson, Susan Program Coordinator – Northeast Extension Risk Management Education Center (302) 831-6540
Valinksi, Maddi CBEAR/CEAE Lab Coordinator (302) 831-8873
Wolinski, Laurie G Director of Northeast Extension Risk Management Education Center, Extension Associate II (302) 831-2538


Kosinski, Tina M Business Administrator I (302) 831-2512
McCullough, Michelle S Administrative Assistant III (302) 831-6621
Wolpert, Erma W Administrative Assistant (302) 831-6242