Plant and Soil Sciences Faculty & Staff

  • Bais, Harsh

    Associate Professor of Plant Biology

  • Balascio, Carmine

    Associate Professor of Water Resource Engineering

  • Barton, Susan

    Professor and Extension Specialist, Ornamental Horticulture

  • Bruck, Jules

    Professor and Director of
    Landscape Architecture

  • Caplan, Jeffrey

    Associate Professor and
    Director, Bioimaging Center

  • Donofrio, Nicole

    Professor of Plant Pathology

  • Ervin, Erik

    Chair and Professor, Turfgrass and Horticultural Systems

  • Evans, Tom

    Professor of Botany and Plant Pathology

  • Frett, John

    Professor and Director, University of Delaware Botanic Gardens

  • Fuhrmann, Jeffry

    Professor of Soil and Environmental Microbiology

  • Green, Pamela

    Unidel Crawford H. Greenewalt Chair
    Professor of Plant Molecular Biology

  • Inamdar, Shreeram

    Professor and Director, Water Science and Policy Graduate Program

  • Isaacs, Mark

    Associate Professor
    Director of the Carvel Research and Education Center

  • Jaisi, Deb

    Associate Professor of Environmental Biogeochemistry

  • Jin, Yan

    Edward and Elizabeth Rosenberg Professor
    Soil Physics/
    Environmental Tox

  • Johnson, Gordon

    Assistant Professor and Extension Specialist, Fruits and Vegetables

  • Koehler, Alyssa

    Assistant Professor and Extension Specialist, Plant Pathology

  • Lee, Jung-Youn

    Professor of Plant Molecular and Cellular Biology

  • Miller, Jarrod

    Assistant Professor and Extension Specialist, Agronomy

  • Rieger, Mark

    Professor of Horticulture and
    Dean of CANR

  • Seyfferth, Angelia

    Associate Professor of Biogeochemistry and
    Plant-Soil Interactions

  • Shober, Amy

    Professor and Extension Specialist,
    Nutrient Management

  • Sparks, Donald

    Unidel S. Hallock du Pont Chair
    Director, DENIN
    Francis Alison Professor
    Soil & Environmental Chemistry

  • Sparks, Erin

    Assistant Professor of Plant Molecular Biology

  • Trammell, Tara

    John Bartram Assistant Professor of Urban Forestry

  • VanGessel, Mark

    Professor and Extension Specialist, Weed Science and Crop Management

  • Vargas, Rodrigo

    Associate Professor of Ecosystem Ecology and Environmental Change

  • Vasilas, Bruce

    Professor of Agronomy and Soil Management

  • Wik, Anna

    Assistant Professor of Landscape Architecture

  • Wisser, Randall

    Associate Professor of Plant Genetics

  • Wommack, Eric

    Professor of Environmental Microbiology and Deputy Dean of CANR

Joint Appointment Faculty

Adjunct Faculty

  • Zach Hammaker – landscape designer, ZH Design
  • Nicholas Jabs – landscape designer, Port Urbanism
  • Stephen Panasci – landscape architect, Sikora Wells Appel
  • Rodney Robinson – president, Robinson Anderson Summers, Inc. and principal,  Rodney Robinson Landscape Architects, Inc.
  • Stephen Streatfield – director R&D, Fraunhofer USA Center for Molecular Biology

Affiliated Faculty

  • Gregory Binford – National Director of Advanced Agronomic Training at Wilbur-Ellis
  • Anthony Buda – USDA-ARS Pasture Systems and Watershed Management Research Unit
  • Nicole Fiorellino -Extension Agronomist, University of Maryland
  • Mingxin Guo – Delaware State University
  • Jinjun Kan – Stroud Water Research Center
  • Blake Meyers – Donald Danforth Plant Science Center
  • Diana Oviedo Vargas – Stroud Water Research Center
  • Marc Peipoch – Assistant Research Scientist, Stroud Water Research Center
  • Richard Pouyat – National Program Leader for Air and Soil Quality Research, U.S. Forest Service
  • Hajime Sakai – CEO, NAPIGEN, Inc.
  • Matthew Taylor – Director, Research and Conservation, Longwood Gardens
  • Byung-Chun Yoo – Delaware Biotechnology Institute
  • Peter Zale – Associate Director, Conservation, Plant Breeding and Collections, Longwood Gardens

Retired Faculty

  • Robert Carroll, emeritus professor
  • Charles Dunham, emeritus professor
  • David Frey, associate professor
  • Hugh Frick, emeritus professor
  • James Hawk, emeritus professor
  • Sherry Kitto, professor
  • Robert Lyons, emeritus professor
  • Allen Morehart, emeritus professor
  • Wallace Pill, emeritus professor
  • Thompson Pizzolato, professor
  • J. Thomas Sims, professor and deputy dean
  • James Swasey, emeritus professor


Accerbi, Monica Research Associate III (302) 831-4642
Adams, Andrew Horticulture Manager  (302) 831-0909
Bartz, William Greenhouse Manager (302) 831-3574
Budischak, Valann Extension Agent II (302) 831-4188
Dums, Jacob Post Doctoral Researcher (302) 831-1353
Eby, Terra Program Coordinator, Cooperative Extension (302) 735-8137
Ernest, Emmalea Associate Scientist (302) 856-7303
Ferrell, Barbra Davis Research Associate (302) 831-0148
Fischel, Jason Post Doctoral Researcher (302) 831-2503
Fischel, Matthew Post Doctoral Researcher (302) 831-8435
Gartley, Karen Research Manager / Program Director, UD Soil Testing Program (302) 831-1385
Green, Victor Associate Scientist (302) 856-7303
Gregory, Nancy F Plant Diagnostician (302) 831-1390
Huang, Kun Post Doctoral Researcher (302) 831-0854
Kuo, Chin Chen Lab Coordinator I (302) 831-0535
Ladin, Zach Post Doctoral Researcher (302) 831-2526
Lekha, Chander Analytical Chemist (302) 831-8407
Limmer, Matthew Post Doctoral Researcher (302) 831-6210
McMullen, Tracy Business Administrator II (302) 831-8153
Nagarajan, Vinay Associate Scientist (302) 831-3400
Ouslander, Noah Limited Term Researcher (302) 831-4670
Paller, Joe Lab Coordinator I (302) 831-8407
Pautler, Maria Research Associate III (302) 831-0847
Reneau, Jonathan Limited Term Researcher (302)-831-1447
Riggi, Sydney Extension Agent (302) 856-7303
Rosier, Carl Lee Limited Term Researcher (302) 831-4900
Rubione, Claudio Limited Term Researcher (302) 856-7303
Sakhno, Yuriy Post Doctoral Researcher (302) 831-4749
Saran, Usha Research Associate (302) 831-3452
Scott, Barbara A Associate Scientist (302) 856-7303
Shergill, Lovreet Post Doctoral Researcher (302) 856-7303
Sun, Mingjing Post Doctoral Researcher (302) 831-5751
Tarin Terrazas, Tonantzin Post Doctoral Researcher
Tingle, Shawn Research Associate II (302) 856-7303
Tran, Minh Thu Post Doctoral Researcher
Vollmer, Kurt Post Doctoral Researcher (302) 856-7303
Weldekidan, Teclemariam Scientist (302) 831-1381
Willey, Warren Research Associate I (302) 856-7303
Zhuo, Zhu Limited Term Researcher (302) 831-2524
Zoehrer, Melinda Program Coordinator, Botanic Gardens (302) 831-0153


Annesi, Paula Undergraduate Recruiting/Student Support (302) 831-4768
Biddle, Susan Academic Support Coordinator (302) 831-2531
Connor, Allison Administrative Assistant II (302) 831-3409
Dempsey, Rodney Horticultural Greenhouse Supervisor (302) 831-1374
Mesa, Diana Administrative Assistant II (302) 831-2534
Samick, Alexandra (Lexie) Administrative Assistant II (302) 831-6378
Winkelmayer, Susan Administrative Assistant (302) 831-6161