Workshop Overview:


Day 1. We will focus on identifying scientific grand challenges and frontier sciences to address ecological questions and ecological understanding at the continental-to- global scale.  Meant to be challenging and provocative short-talks and community-driven breakout open discussions. Day 2. We will focus on how best implement the findings/key challenges/opportunities from the first day with existing Observatory/Network structures, either formally or informally. Day 3. (half-day) wrap-up, craft the writing tasks, develop ongoing synthetic activities, and follow up steps


we plan to have several participatory activities as part of this workshop meeting as a group (plenary) and in breakout groups (lead by participants). We will also have a broader engagement of community member through Adobe Connect. Questions and comments from the Adobe Connect community will be periodically synthesized and presented. We will be presenting the results from this workshop and gleaning additional community input at the Ecological Society of America Annual Meeting (Baltimore MD) as a town hall session: Ecological Society of America Annual Meeting 2015 (Baltimore MD) as a town hall session:

Name: Building Global Ecological Understanding

Date: Tuesday August 11, 2015

Time: 8:00-10:00 PM (Beer will be provided!)

Main outputs

We expect to have at least one white paper report for NSF and one peer-reviewed contribution from the main outcomes of the workshop (potential target journals Bioscience, Frontiers in Ecology and Environment). Follow up activities and final workshop contributions/outputs will be discussed/outlined during Day 3.