Landscape Architecture

The Bachelor of Science in Landscape Architecture (BSLA) in the Plant and Soil Sciences Department (PLSC) at the University of Delaware is a professional degree program that provides undergraduate students with specific competencies for leadership within the profession of landscape architecture including the knowledge, skills, and abilities required for successful practice.  

Key subject areas include plants and ecosystems; communications; site design and engineering; design, planning and management; public policy and regulations; computer applications; natural and cultural systems; sustainability; history, theory and criticism; professional practice; professional values and ethics; creative problem solving, art, business, math and science.

BSLA Program Faculty


There are many pathways and interest areas in landscape architecture.  The PLSC BSLA allows students flexibility to obtain a minor to enhance knowledge in an interest area.  Many students will find work doing what they love – from planning related to environmental sustainability to researching to preserve or conserve historic landscapes. For more information, visit the ASLA Professional Practice Networks site to see the many interest areas of current practitioners.

Community Engagement

The BSLA program contributes to the community by engaging students in service learning projects.  The program seeks to expose students to the most pressing issues of our times through relevant coursework and participation in both local and national conferences. The semi-annual student-run symposia will allow students to actively network and develop relationships with practitioners while honing their leadership skills.  As students engage in active learning in studio courses and complete a  required internship, they develop their capacity to creatively and successfully solve problems while advancing critical thinking, collaboration, and communication skills.


The program has achieved Candidacy Status — a designation given by the American Society of Landscape Architect’s Landscape Architectural Accreditation Board (LAAB), the official accrediting body for first professional programs in landscape architecture. The program is eligible for accreditation review in Spring 2019.

Once accredited, UD will have the only LAAB-accredited landscape architecture program in the state. In recognition of the impact of the landscape architecture profession on public health, safety, and welfare, states regulate landscape architects through licensure. The accreditation process ensures the program is in compliance with externally mandated minimum standards.

Is Landscape Architecture right for you?

Visit the ASLA website for more information about what a landscape architect does and why their work is so important.

Learn about the curriculum.

Learn about computer requirements. It is the preference of the BSLA program that students use a PC system, as this is the platform used to teach introductory computer aided design.

Student Club

DeLA Club is focused on exploring all aspects of the field of Landscape Architecture. Events will be held such as attending lectures by professionals in our field and in similar fields, building artistic and creative designs in the natural world, and discussing ways to improve environmental health through the landscape. Students will have the opportunity to meet and network with professionals, and to explore further into the field, through the means of art and plant science. For more information, contact Faculty Advisor Dr. Jules Bruck at

For more information, visit the UD Online Catalog.

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Dr. Jules Bruck, program director