Plant Science

The Plant Science major applies the principles of agriculture, biology, and chemistry to plant life. The curriculum is flexible enough to let students create an academic program with his/her advisor that suits the student’s individual career goals.

Outcomes: The diversity of careers our graduates enter includes: plant biologist, plant production in both field and enclosed environments, golf course superintendent, geneticist, plant breeder, crop consultant, environmental management, and graduate education.

Structure:  Students receive a solid foundation of coursework in botany, soil science, plant physiology, genetics, plant pathology, and chemistry. Students also interact with faculty both in and out of the classroom, working with faculty on research projects, independent studies, and study abroad programs.

Uniqueness: We have impressive facilities, including a 350-acre farm, a state-of-the-art greenhouse laboratory, an extensive botanic garden, modern computing facilities, wetlands, ecology woodland, agronomic field plots, the Delaware Biotechnology Institute, and a landscape design studio.

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Dr. Erik Ervin, department chair