Preproposal Processes

Submitting a proposal involves planning ahead of time on a variety of issues pertaining to the proposal. You must let your Sponsored Research Coordinator (SPC)/ Departmental Business Administrator (DBA) know as soon as you are thinking of submitting a proposal. SPC/DBAs are here to help you build a good proposal. They will work with you throughout the proposal submission process and will act as your liaison with all internal and external partners and the Research Office (RO).

Once you let the SPC/DBA know your intent to submit a proposal, the SPC/DBA will request some information via the CANR Proposal Determination and Tracking Worksheet and determine whether the proposal will be a Delegated Authority (DA) proposal or whether it will go through the Research Office (RO).

The following questions will help you determine whether your proposal will go through the Research Office.

  • Are your submitting a proposal in response to a Federal Request for Application (RFA)?
  • Is the prime sponsor a Federal agency and/or are the incoming funds federal flow-through?
  • Is the Sponsor a foreign entity?
  • Is this a grant or agreement over $50,000?
  • Is this proposal a request for an equipment?

If the answer to one or all of the above questions is “Yes” then your proposal will be submitted through the RO.