Welcome to CANR’s Sponsored Research webpage!

The information included here will help you get ready to submit a proposal and, once the proposal is a success, manage the award.  The preaward team provides support in proposal development and submission.  We are here to navigate sponsor and UD regulations in order for you to submit the best possible proposal.

Our goal is to facilitate, to say “yes” as often as possible and to help you succeed!

Katherine M. Lyons, MPA, CRA
Manager, Research Administration
College of Agriculture and Natural Resources
120 Townsend Hall
Newark DE 19716
Phone: 302-831-1464
Email: kmlyons@udel.edu

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Sub Awards

  • Subaward Vendor Consultant
  • Link to required documents
  • Link to Subaward information page

Awards and Closeouts

  • Requesting a PreAward
  • Negotiation & Set-up
  • Purpose Code Maintenance
  • CAS Link
  • Treatment of unspent funds

Training & Support

  • COI Link
  • EDD & Keywords
  • Gifts vs Grants