Finalizing Agreement With Sponsor

NOTE: All CANR Research or Services agreements over $50,000 will be processed by the RO

  • PI will finalize research protocol with your industry sponsor.
  • PI may use the standard budget templates to determine total budget amount.
  • If sponsor requests UD standard research agreement OR UD standard service agreement, PI can forward the same to the sponsor for review.
  • In many cases, sponsor will provide their agreement.
  • PI will forward protocol and budget along with agreement to Senior Sponsored Research Coordinator (SPC) or Departmental Business Administrator (DBA).
  • SPC/DBA will prepare internal proposal forms and route for approval.
  • RO will review and negotiate agreement with sponsor as needed.
  • Upon completion of negotiation, RO will sign and approve and send to Sponsor institution for full execution.
  • PI may start work after the agreement is fully executed by all parties.