Submitting Your Grant Proposal

NOTE: All CANR proposal submission will follow the CANR Proposal Submission Policy

  • At least 15 business days prior to deadline date, PI will notify the SPC/DBA of the upcoming submission and provide proposal deadline date, title and number of solicitation, if applicable, request for applications document, draft title, start & end dates, contact information for all investigators and sub-awardees, contact information for sub-awardee grant officers.
  • 12 business days prior to deadline date, SPC/DBA will inform the RO about the upcoming submission.
  • SPC/DBA will review RFA and answer questions from PI.
  • If needed, SPC/DBA will contact Program Officers for any clarification.
  • SPC/DBA will contact collaborators and work with them to obtain required documents for the submission.
  • 10 business days prior to deadline date, PI will provide a draft work, biographical sketch, current & pending form, conflict of interest form, facilities, equipment, other resources document, key personnel, any other supporting documents specifically requested by the program to SPC/DBA.
  • SPC/DBA will review/ modify budgets and budget justification, review & assemble supporting document into the proposal on the sponsor’s grant submission portal or as applicable.
  • SPC/DBA will start internal forms on PeopleSoft.
  • 7 business days prior to deadline date, PI will submit any sub-award documents submitted to PI; draft project summary suitable for internal web form; final budget; and final budget justification.
  • 6 business days prior to deadline date, PI will submit draft scientific/technical documents to SPC/DBA.
  • 6 business days prior to deadline date, SPC/DBA will upload required documents to People Soft and route for internal approval and follow-up as needed.
  • SPC/DBA will finalize draft full proposal on sponsor’s grant submission portal and submit to PI for approval.
  • 5 business days prior to deadline date, SPC/DBA will ensure that all non-technical sections of the proposal are prepared in accordance with the sponsor’s requirements, including the final budget and budget justification, and are uploaded in the applicable electronic system required for submission to the sponsor (e.g. NSF Fastlane, Cayuse). The SPC/DBA /DBA will notify the RO contract and grant specialist (CGS) that the proposal is ready for review.
  • Upon completion of RO review, SPC/DBA will notify PI as needed and make revisions as suggested by RO and finalize.
  • 1 business day prior to deadline date, PI will provide final science to the SPC/DBA by 9:00 am. SPC/DBA will obtain final approval from PI and notify the RO when the final version of the entire proposal is uploaded and ready to be submitted to the sponsor.
  • RO will submit the proposal no later than the sponsor’s deadline day and time (or by 5:00 pm on the deadline day if sponsor’s deadline time is later than 5:00 pm) and send confirmation of submission to the PI and SPC/DBA.
  • In cases where the sponsor requires the PI to submit the proposal, the RO will notify the PI and SPC/DBA of its approval to submit. This will occur in time for the PI to perform the submission and meet the sponsor’s deadline.  In these cases, the SPC/DBA or PI will be responsible for notifying the RO by e-mail that the proposal was submitted and ensuring that no changes were made to the proposal after approval by the RO.