Erin Jackson


Pre-Veterinary Medicine and Animal Biosciences


Wildlife Ecology and Conservation, Biological Sciences

Campus Involvement:

Alpha Zeta Honors Fraternity, Animal Science Club, Canine Companions for Independence, UD Student Alumni Ambassadors, Tutoring, Varsity Cross Country/Track and Field, Honors Blog, Munson Fellow, Undergraduate Research, Agricultural College Council

What do you like about the UD College of Agriculture and Natural Resources?

I love the people that make up the UD College of Agriculture and Natural Resources. All the success of CANR is definitely linked to the students and faculty which comprise it. I love the similar classes and clubs that allow students to get involved and allow them to mingle among those with similar interests as them. Seeing familiar faces from CANR clubs around main campus makes the school seem a lot smaller and closer! I also love all the faculty involvement in the extracurricular side of CANR. The various club and Greek organization mentors serve as fantastic role models who really promote involvement in the college as a whole. I also like the smaller school inside of a larger school experience which CANR provides. I have a chance to interact with students from all majors in my dorm, breadth classes, and in clubs outside of CANR, but with the smaller group of familiar faces, I feel at home in my major classes and will always appreciate the support network of this college.

What is your most memorable AG or UD experience?

My most memorable CANR experience was the Animal Science Club holiday party at Dr. Griffith's house. After taking her intro to animal science class first semester, it was fun to see the variety of animals she had in her own home. This party happened to fall on my busiest night of the week, but I planned ahead and rearranged my schedule for the day so that I could go, and it was definitely worth the effort. Bonding with my current classmates, older members of the CANR community, and new friends that I still have today, this event definitely proved how worthwhile each CANR experience is.

What are your career goals?

My career goals are to attend veterinary school, and work as a veterinarian for as long as I possibly can! Whether it's working with large, small, wildlife, exotic, aquatic, or any type of animals, I know that working with animals will be the most rewarding experience I can get on a day to day basis, and I know that it will make me happy as I hope to make a difference in the lives of both animals and all those people who care for them.

What is an interesting or unusual fact about you?

I got scuba certified for a week in Turks and Caicos in the Caribbean and got to swim with a sea turtle!

What is your favorite book, movie or song?

Movie: The Princess Bride

Name: Erin Jackson

Graduation Year: 2020

Hometown: Newark, DE