Susannah Halligan


Wildlife Ecology and Conservation

Campus Involvement:

Swing Club, Blues Hens

What do you like about the UD College of Agriculture and Natural Resources?

I like the small, personal environment and the friendly faculty. The greenhouses and gardens are also beautiful, unlike anything else on campus! The fact that UDairy is next door to Townsend Hall is great too.

What is your most memorable AG or UD experience?

Ag Day of last year was my most memorable CANR experience, I've never seen the community having so much fun!

What are your career goals?

I'd like to teach classes someday, maybe get involved in some research projects of my own.

What is an interesting or unusual fact about you?

I traveled to the Galapagos Islands when I was 16 years old.

What is your favorite book, movie or song?

Book: The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

Name: Susannah Halligan

Graduation Year: 2019

Hometown: Newark, DE