The Story

The Creamery, funded by a grant from the UNIDEL foundation and private donations, is intended to communicate to our students about the principles of dairy production, food science and safety, environmentally sound agriculture, business management and finance, and – perhaps most important – how we can sustain agriculture in the face of land use change by incorporating all of these principles into a modern dairy farm.

We began our creamery efforts in the summer of 2008 under the supervison of Dan Severson by forming a CANR Creamery committee consisting of faculty, students, and staff from all academic departments and Cooperative Extension.  In the fall semester, four CANR students (Dan Meany, Matthew Gow, Myra Gemmill, and Caitlin Sheffer) worked as a planning team with Dr. Carl Toensmeyer in the department of Food and Resource Economics and developed a Strategic Marketing Plan that has provided valuable guidance to our planning efforts for the “UDairy” Creamery.

Ice cream distribution and sales began the fall of 2008, when milk from our dairy cows was shipped to Kilby Cream and made into ice cream. In the winter of 2009, we began to cooperate with Hy-Point Dairy in Wilmington, Delaware, owned by UD alumnus Jay Meany. Hy-Point currently ships the milk from our farm to be made into an ice cream base at Cumberland Farms in Cumberland, New Jersey.  The plain ice cream base is sent back to our Creamery storefront location where it is flavored with our own unique recipes, frozen and packaged by UD student employees in the production area of our Creamery.

CANR broke ground on the UDairy Creamery’s new construction in November of 2010. The UDairy Creamery storefront, on South Campus (next to the Fred Rust Ice Arena), serves as the center for our teaching, research, and extension programs in the area of sustainable agriculture, animal and food sciences, food and resource economics, engineering, environmental science, and entrepreneurship. The storefront is not only for the sale of UD ice cream, but also for other agricultural products such as blankets made with wool from UD sheep and honey fromCANR’s apiary.

The Creamery hires three student managers each academic year to work as interns in developing the Creamery future. The students are responsible for arranging for the sale of UDairy ice cream in bulk and at campus events.  The student management team also develops and implements plans in all areas of the Creamery including food science and sustainability, marketing and communications, and business and employee relations.

About the UD Dairy Farm

The UD Dairy—part of the CANR’s 350 acre complex on south campus—has a herd of approximately 100 Holstein cows. Nearly $2 million has been invested to date in our efforts to create a truly sustainable dairy operation for our teaching, research, and extension programs, including a modern milking parlor, research stalls, a sand/manure recycling and composting facility, and improvements to storm water management. We have also installed solar panels on part of the dairy facility as a demonstration of the use of alternative energy on dairy farms.

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