UDairy Creamery Market – Wilmington, DE

From the cow to the cone to catering

The UDairy Creamery Market offers burgers, gourmet grilled cheese, salads, produce and ice cream using ingredients from the University of Delaware farm.


The Creamery, funded by a grant from the UNIDEL foundation and private donations, is intended to communicate to our students about the principles of dairy production, food science and safety, environmentally sound agriculture, business management and finance, and – perhaps most important – how we can sustain agriculture in the face of land use change by incorporating all of these principles into a modern dairy farm. The UDairy Creamery Market is our first off campus location and we could not be more excited to bring the great Creamery taste to Wilmington!

The UDairy Market Street Team


The Creamery Student Management Team is composed of three undergraduate students. These students are responsible for developing the UDairy Creamery as a profitable, independent, and sustainable business. UDairy Creamery operations are also supported by over 50 student employees per year. These students learn from many different positions including serving and making ice cream, supervising events, preparing food! At our Wilmington location we are partnering with the Associates in Arts program to staff our servers as well as our interns!