Say cheese!

Cheese curds made from UD Cows, made at UDairy and sold in the UDairy Creamery. Photos taken to market new product.The UDairy Creamery now produces and sells cheese. Production began in July 2019. We  currently offer fresh cheese curds and our Delaware Gold- a three month aged Colby style cheese.


Cheese and other products are processed in the University of Delaware’s new, 3,600-square-foot Charles A. Genuardi ’70 and Patricia Genuardi Food Innovation Laboratory. This new research and innovation space includes equipment for UDairy Creamery dairy processing and cheese production, as well as a student test kitchen. This facility allows students to learn entrepreneurial and food production skills that will carry them from the classroom to a multitude of career opportunities beyond the University. A viewing gallery will also open to the public during normal business hours, so visitors can watch cheese and ice cream processing in action.

Delaware Gold Cheese Now Available!

Delaware Gold is  Now Available at the UDairy Creamery! Delaware Gold is also available online and our Wilmington location!

Price- $14 per pound, blocks average about 8oz and are sold by weight


Delaware Gold:

Colby Style Farmstead Cheese

The cheese is created by University of Delaware students and led by Plant Manager Jennifer Rodammer and Amanda Heilman, UD’s first cheesemaker. Delaware Gold costs $14 per pound and is available in six- to eight-ounce portions.

What does farmstead mean? Farmstead cheeses are made with milk from dairy animals that are housed on the same property as the creamery is. We are using the milk from our cows at the University Dairy Farm.

Tasting Notes:

Delaware Gold is aged a minimum of 3 months therefore, it is a young cheese. It’s high moisture brings in a mild cheese flavor with buttery tangy notes.

This cheese is great for snacking but is also great for cooking with because it melts really well. This cheese is versatile and can be easily used for sauces, nachos, skillet dishes, mac and cheese, quesadillas, etc.


For the wine lover: Oak- aged chardonnay … the creamy full bodied wine pairs well with tangy notes on the back end of this cheese.

For the beer lover: Your favorite IPA! The hops pair well with Delaware Gold’s tangy notes and the high carbonation cuts it’s buttery cream.

Order Delaware Gold Now!

Cheddar Cheese Curds!

Cheese Curds are available now in store and online

Price: 75 to 85 cents per ounce

Cheddar Cheese Curd Tasting Notes:

Fresh curds of cheddar cheese (Unaged cheddar). Here at Delaware, we are making cheddar cheese curds. Think of them as the middle of the cheddar making process. These are the curds that would be put into molds to form a cheddar block and then aged for 2-12 months.

They have a springy texture and squeak on the teeth when you chew them. If you don’t get much squeak when they are cold, eating them at room temperature will bring the squeak back!

Cheese curds are great for snacking on but can also be used in fun dishes to eat with friends. They are known for being battered and deep fried and also used in a Canadian dish called Poutine. In Poutine, the curds are placed on top of French fries and then covered in warm gravy.

The fresh milky flavor of curds makes them the perfect cheese to mix spices and flavors into. They are currently available in the following flavors- Plain, Blue Hen® Kickin’ Curds, and Delaware Coastal Curds. These bite-sized pieces make a great snack!