Arboretum and Pond

The intent of the Arboretum and Pond is to create an organic, naturalized landscape that will promote habitat formation and increase biodiversity at UDBG by reintroducing the historic drainage patterns. The design creates a contiguous environment of complementary programs between the existing Lepidoptera Trail and the Ecological Preserve that will serve the campus and greater Newark community as a place for respite, learning, and contemplation.

The strategy proposes to establish a pond where storm water runoff naturally flows. A heavily planted riparian edge surrounded by a native grass prairie with dispersed canopy trees will foster an environment that will promote habitat formation. Mown lawns will be cut out of the prairie to allow for visitor engagement while paths and boardwalks wind through the prairie, lawns, and pond to offer a series of diverse experiences that enable guests to view the water and wildlife. Bird blinds will be placed in strategic locations and serve as viewing perches for enjoyment, reflection, research, and study. Additionally, a water saturated sand strip will run along the riparian edge to help attract butterflies.