2024 Spring Plant Sale Catalog



By Andrew Adams

Within the family of Sapindaceae, there are over a hundred unique genera, however, one genus you are likely familiar with is Acer aka the Maples…



By Andrew Adams and Lauren Kope

From the Greek word geranion, meaning “little crane”, we get the genus Geranium of which there are roughly 400 species…




OUR SINCERE APPRECIATION to the individuals and endowed internship funds listed below for their generous support of our gardens, educational programs, and mission. This funding allows us to enhance and expand our educational resources for students, employees, our members, and the public.

**Gifts at this level and above are able to participate in the online Patron Plant Sale and attend the Reception on Wednesday, April 24, 4:00-6:00 pm



Catalog Overview




Shipley and Mary Allinson 
Alistair and Patricia Arnott 
Chris and Mark Atkinson 
Vikram Krishnamurthy and Kate Bailey 
Carmine and Laura Balascio 
Barbara and Stephen Borleske 
Patricia Boyd 
Nancy Bull 
Anastasia Chirnside 
Daniel Cole
Russell and Donna Crook 
Jo Anne Cushner Debes 
Doug Doren 
Gail and Sean Ferry 
Nancy Gregory 
Judy Herrman
Home Grown Cafe 
Russell Palmer and Stephen Janick 
Mr. and Mrs. John L.K. Jenney 
Steven Klein
Margaret Laird 
Leo and Mary Landoll 
Carol Long 
David and RoseLynn Malarek 
Betty Marose
Sue Martin
Tom and Natalie McKenney 
Jim Damewood and Robin Morgan 
Beth Pantuliano 
Jo Ann Payne 
Judith Paynter 
Charles and Rosemary Philips 
Mark and Judy Pilnick 
Katarina Prandova 
James Resch 
Betsy Rosenberger
Karen Ross 
Walter and Beverley Rowland 
Gene Schaefer
Geraldine Schilling 
Carol Schmidt 
Thomas and Elizabeth Schmoyer 
Angelia Seyfferth 
Marion Silliman 
Alicia Smith 
Bill and Judith Spruance 
Matthew Weinert 
Constance and Edward Wissing 
Bob and Catherine Wojewodzki 



Judy Abbruzzesi 
Virginia and David Butters 
Michele Capron 
Reeve Draper 
Judith Duffy 
Mary Gotsch 
Marilyn Hayward
David and Laurine Herman 
Ann Holloway 
Edward Kimmel 
Nancy Lomax 
Nina Lord 
Katherine Murray 
Jack and Laura Nystrom 
Phil and Janice Payne 
Nathan and Yvonne Puffer
Ron and Patti Roman 
Mary Ellen Stachnik
Dr. Mark Starrett


Susan Barton 
Catherine Buckminster 
Ellen Budischak 
Page Nelson and Anne Canby 
Ruth Crossan 
Bill and Sarah D’Alonzo 
David Mull and Denise Dunlap 
Patrick and Frances Hart 
Mary Lou Hawkins 
Lauren Kope 
Ron Sullivan and Fran Levinson 
Susan and Gordon Lipscy 
Frances and Judith Pendleton 
Agnes Pont 
Violette and Richard Sutton
James and Susan Swasey 
P. Coleman and Susan Townsend
Angela Treadwell-Palmer 
William Trescott, Jr. 
Bob and Patricia Uniatowski 



Evelyn and Ross Burnam 
Theodora Corroon 
Mark Crawford, Loch Laurel Nursery 
Delaware Nursery & Landscape Association 
Arestoula Drakatos 
Joseph and Shirley Duffy 
John Fletcher 
Roseann Harkins 
Richard Jolly and Charles Ingersoll 
Betsy McCoy
Harvey Reisine and Margaret Moore 
Ismat Shah and Cynthia Morgan 
Rachel Mroz 
Michael and Diana Pontti 
Alice Reilly 
Debra Rodgers 
Wendy Mahoney Russell 
William and Elizabeth Sharp 
Terry Struve 
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph B. Townsend 
Anita Wellner 



Valann and Michael Budischak 
Steve and Peg Castorani 
John Frett 
Paul and Martha Parvis 



Caroline Golt 
Donna Gerst and Glenn Hardcastle
Robert Lyons 
Fred and Patricia Mann 
Roy and Jacqueline Perry 
Robert and Betty Shellenbarger 
Gary and Carol Smith 


Endowed Funds

Dorothy Foster Garden Assistantship
Dorothy Foster Undergraduate Garden Internship
Lafferty Family Garden Internship
Steve and Janet Leath UDBG Internship Endowment
Parvis Family Summer Internship





Peppers and Tomatoes (Day of Sale Only)

Limited Quantity (Day of Sale)