South Campus Green

The South Campus Green creates a core for not only the Botanic Gardens but also the greater South Campus. Situated central to Townsend Hall, Worrilow Hall, Fischer Greenhouse Lab, and the UDBG Offices the South College Green connects the academic, research, and administrative buildings into a singular organized, pedestrian friendly campus.

To create this space the parking lot to the East of Townsend Hall will be removed. A generous oval lawn surrounded by a series of large stone blocks will take the place of the parking lot. These blocks will help define the space and create opportunities to sit, relax, and congregate. Native meadows and unique horticultural displays will enclose the lawn and seat wall blocks allowing students, faculty, staff, and guests to safely and comfortably experience this unique landscape. Situated in the meadow are several pavilions that can serve as study spaces or outdoor classrooms for students and researchers. Large canopy trees on the west edge of the space offer shade and mediate scale while paths meander through the South Campus Green facilitating ease of access and movement between building and gardens.

This versatile space can adapt to small or large programs as needed. The education pavilions can support small study groups while ‘the pasture’ is large enough to accommodate Ag Day tents, tailgating parties, and small outdoor concerts. Although the South Campus Green is a pedestrian only space a 25’ path will wrap the perimeter of the garden for emergency, service, and event access when needed.