Clark Garden Collections

The Clark Garden was the first garden developed at UDBG. Just outside the front entrance of Townsend Hall the garden consists of a lawn and a series of large specimen trees that run along a berm flanking South College Ave. The intent for the garden is to improve upon what is already existing to enhance the garden experience, create a more dramatic entrance for Townsend Hall, and improve circulation.

The design creates a path around the central lawn to draw guests into the garden. A proposed water feature on axis with the entry of Townsend Hall and built into the refurbished stone retaining wall will create a place to relax and buffer the noise from South College Ave. Several access points to a path on the berm will permit the unique specimen trees to be experienced and studied by students and guests. Additionally, strategic view corridors from South College Ave. will be established to encourage passing pedestrians to discover the garden.

To promote the idea of a pedestrian friendly garden core the existing road in front of Townsend Hall will be closed to all motorists except for emergency vehicles. The existing parking lot will be replaced with a stone plaza to emphasize the underutilized front entry of Townsend Hall and welcome visiting guests. Additionally large canopy trees will be reintroduced in front of Townsend to offer shade and mediate scale.

The Dunham Entry Garden will also be improved with better defined paths that connect to public transportation and the proposed entry plaza. Understory plants will be added to both the Clark Garden Collections and the Dunham Entry Garden to expand collections and improve the guest experience.