Student Programs: Summer and Year-long Interns

An internship is a valuable supplement to an undergraduate curriculum. The goal of the internships is to provide students “hands on” experience and skills working in a public garden. Interns may spend the summer and school-year working in the University of Delaware Botanic Gardens with the garden staff learning garden maintenance skills, gaining experience in public horticulture, the importance of record keeping, building their resumes, while also earning an hourly wage. The school-year internship is more limited in scope because of student course work and schedule.

The internship experience is gained through garden work, field trips, and garden projects. UDBG’s staff works with interns in all areas of public garden operations. Students familiar with horticulture can use the internships to expand their horizons, discover new aspects in this diverse industry, and help build their resumes. Classes become more meaningful within the context of the practical experience. Employers place great emphasis on work experience when looking for employees. Financial support for student interns is provided by Patrons of the Spring Plant Sale, other generous donations, and three Endowed Summer Internships.

To apply, please submit: 1) letter of interest including career goals; 2) current resume; 3) three letters of reference; and 4) transcript(s) to Andrew Adams (Horticulture Manager, 152 Townsend Hall, University of Delaware, Newark DE 19716, or email aadamsud@udel.edu.

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Summer Internships

Apply by:
31 March 2023 (Summer); August 15 (school year intern, if applicable)

June to mid-August, 2023; 37.5 hrs/week;

UD Fall & Spring Semesters (based on student availability)


Must be currently enrolled as a full-time student in a  university/college or meeting the final credit requirements towards graduation at the time of application.

Andrew Adams, Horticulture Manager
Phone: 302-831-0909
E-mail: aadamsud@udel.edu

The UDBG has a minimum of four full time summer internships available for 2023. Students are expected to be highly motivated, hard-working, dependable, able to work in groups and independently. There is no required Horticulture experience necessary! Interns will spend the summer working in the gardens with the garden staff learning maintenance skills and gaining
experience in public horticulture. Students will work outside performing a wide variety of maintenance tasks, such as mowing, weed control, pruning, planting, hardscape installation, etc.

Additionally, they will develop specialized skills such as curatorial work, detailed pruning and propagation. Students will work individually and in groups to accomplish the goals set forth for the summer. Students will take field trips to local public gardens to further their experience in public horticulture. Applicants will need to be enrolled full time in University/College courses to
apply. For additional information, please feel free to contact Andrew Adams. To apply, please submit 1) a letter of interest including career goals, 2) a current resume, 3) two letters of references, and 4) transcript to Andrew Adams either in writing or via email.


Year-Long Internship

Apply by:
15 March

One year (flexible dates)

~$25,000 plus tuition-free courses

Bachelor’s degree (intern is admitted as a non-degree graduate student)

Lauren Kope, Director
Phone: 302-831-0153; E-mail: lckope@udel.edu

Applicants must have a BS degree, as they are admitted as a non-degree graduate student as part of the internship (GRE scores not required). This full-time, year-long internship provides the student with diverse experiences in botanic garden management activities. The intern will work with staff and volunteers to perform horticultural maintenance in the outdoor garden. During the late fall, winter, and early spring, the intern will assist with garden programming. Potential activities include educational programming, marketing, web site administration, plant curation, and special event planning. The intern will assist with the annual benefit plant sales, which may include plant propagation and maintenance, labeling, set-up and plant staging and sales.

The intern must register for courses, tuition free. Students must integrate courses and work schedule with Director’s approval. Securing housing is the intern’s responsibility, though we will provide assistance. Ample housing is available as Newark is a college town. It is recommended the intern have transportation to take advantage of the numerous horticultural organizations and activities in the area. The expense of a UD parking pass is the student’s responsibility.