South Greenhouse Garden

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The South Greenhouse Garden, which is the size of a small residential property, is full of ideas for homeowners who want to create their own low-maintenance garden. The low brick wall, deciduous hollies, and oakleaf hydrangeas around the edge of the garden give it a secluded courtyard feeling. This garden was designed to have four seasons of interest with different plants displaying flowers, berries, fragrance, or foliage througout the year. The proliferation of bulbs flowering in the spring is especially stunning. Daffodils, grape hyacinths, spring snowflakes, and tulips announce the arrival of spring with a multitude of colors. Pineapple lilies and resurrection lilies continue the bulb display into the summer when the array of true lilies and daylilies explode into color. During the fall and winter, stately hollies catch the interest of visitors and flowering sweet olive or false-hollies fill the garden with their sweet, orange-blossom scent.

In addition to its multi-seasonal appeal, the South Greenhouse Garden is extremely sustainable in design and maintenance. Designed by University of Delaware design students lead by former Plant & Soil Science Professor Chad Nelson and Professor and Director of Landscape Architecture Program Dr. Jules Bruck, it is comprised of tough, low-maintenance plants. The plants in this garden require minimal water and no fertilizers or pesticides to keep them healthy. As you walk through the garden, you will notice that garden beds have replaced traditional turf lawns, making the garden more sustainable, colorful, diverse, and wildlife and human friendly. There is something to see in every season so be sure to stop by.

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