Four Seasons Garden

The Four Seasons Garden located just to the north of Worrilow Hall will be the public face of UDBG to the surrounding Newark community. Situated along South College Ave. the Garden will be visible to passing pedestrians and motorists. A central, stone wall lined oval lawn surrounded by sweeping patterns of display gardens containing ornamental grasses, annual displays, and seasonal perennials creates an ever changing experience that will promote repeat visitation. Accessible paths stretch through the landscape connecting the garden to the adjacent displays, gardens, and programs. The central lawn is a large, adaptable space that can be used for events such as Ag Day, farmers markets, sculptural displays, graduations, and tailgating events.

A proposed pavilion along South College Ave. will serve as the public entrance to the garden. The pavilion will be raised above the enhanced existing Wetland Garden and house offices, restrooms, collaborative entrepreneurial opportunities, and classrooms. The entrance is situated on axis with an ornamental orchard and agricultural infrastructure. As guests pass through the pavilion, walking on a boardwalk over the wetlands, toward the central lawn they will view the evocative farm infrastructure creating an experience unique to UDBG.

A student study plaza is proposed north of Worrilow Hall. Situated under existing canopy trees the plaza contains tables for study and congregation immersed in the garden landscape.