Endowed Summer Internship

The University of Delaware Botanic Gardens (UDBG) gratefully recognizes donors who have created endowed internship funds to ensure that generations of students receive valuable hands-on learning experiences and skills in the gardens and nursery. We recognize the following endowed funds for their annual support of student experiences and skill building.

Dorothy Foster Undergraduate Garden Internship

Lafferty Family Garden Internship

Steve and Janet Leath UDBG Internship Endowment

Parvis Family Summer Internship


The University of Delaware Botanic Gardens offers undergraduates, eager to learn about plants, the environment, their management, and horticulture, an opportunity to receive valuable hands-on learning experiences by working in the University of Delaware’s botanic gardens. Summer and annual interns will work alongside UDBG horticulture staff and volunteers in all phases of public garden maintenance and development, receiving hands-on opportunities related to horticulture, public gardening and landscape design. The intern may also be involved in special projects such as accession records, garden inventories, plant signage, marketing, web site projects or photography. Training sessions, public educational programs, and field trips are also offered to help broaden the intern’s horticultural horizon. The Parvis and Lafferty named internships also provides additional funding for independent projects and educational experiences.

For more information on these endowed internships, or to submit a formal application, students are encouraged to contact Andrew Adams, UDBG Horticulture Manager at: 302-831-0909 or aadamsud@udel.ed.